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What is fax to folder and folder to fax?
Fax to folder allows to store and backup the received and sent faxes to any share folder in PC, server and NAS automatically. Users are no longer worried about losing faxes. You can make good faxes backup but no need to store it one by one any more.
Setup procedure:
a. Share a folder in PC on the network and make it under full control state.
b. Login bavo system via web browser and setup the parameter under user management.
c. Click fax2folder test to do test. While the setup is successful a test file will be stored in the specified shared folder.
Fax to Folder features:
a. You can backup sent and received faxes at any convenient time.
b. It can save all fax automatically. Save your time
c. Backup faxes but no need to print it out to store, save papers.
d. You can read faxes on the backup folder in PC. No need to login bavo system.
e. By backup in PC, server or NAS, you can store faxes umlimited
f. Real time backup. No fax will miss, files will be more safely.
The Folder to Fax function allows user to faxing directly from copier or scanner. It works with MFPs to consolidate network faxing services, giving users convenient access to faxing on the same MFP they use daily for printing, scanning and copying.
By MFPs, user can press a button and enter fax number or select fax number from their address book for fax. Then an image file and a contact text file which contains the fax number and recipient details will be dropped into a shared folder after scanning, bavo will picks up these files, sends and update it into the archive log file. After fax submitted, you can track the sending status with Fax Queue or Sent Box by login the fax server interface.
Folder to Fax Benefits:
a. Make your paper faxing into digital. Accelerated and streamlined document management.
b. Enables fax capability for all network-enabled MFPs.
c. Make individual telephones lines for each MFP unnecessary.
d. Sends delivery notification and replies directly to the user’s email client.
e. Faxes can be addressed to one or more destinations by one scanning.

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