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How does Email to Fax work?
By using the Email2fax from bavo you would be able to send faxes to any fax number, local and international, from any email program and internet connection. This makes sending faxing a lot more convenient as you will save time by skipping the print job and the job to the fax machine, as well as you do not have a bulky fax machine on your desk and you do not even have to be in the office to send the fax. You can even use Email2Fax from both PCs, Macs as well as any cell phone, mobile or wireless devices that can send email!

It is easy as sending an email User will simply attach one or multiple files, or just put the information in the email body, to an email message. When the email is sent to the appointed email address, the attachments and email body are processed and transformed into a format suitable for delivery to fax machines automatically. The fax is then delivered to its destination fax machine anywhere in the world and   completed within moments. Processing status can be monitored in the fax server interface and delivery results will be recorded in bavo's log.

Understanding the Basics of Email to Fax Service:

a. Send a message from any email applications to the specified email address.
The fax message will be received by the specified email box
Bavo will go to this email box regularly, fetches the matched email and send them out as a fax.
d. The message will be received as a common fax.

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