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What's the difference between email2fax and Faxmail gateway?
By email2fax function, faxes could be sent by specified mailbox. Send the fax file which will be sent to the specified mailbox, fax server will check the mailbox at intervals whether there are extract the relevant information and document to send fax. The subject of email2fax should be written as three ways:
1. Validation Code @ fax number
2. Validation code, sender loginID, sender, recipient@ fax number
Faxmail is designed for use in constructing electronic mail to facsimile gateway services. It takes an electronic mail message on standard input and converts to tiff in a form that is suitable for transmission as a facsmile.
With faxmail gateway function, bavo network fax server will be a special SMTP server. It will listen to SMTP requests with an appointed domain name on port25 and convert them into outgoing fax jobs.

There are 3 cases of
Faxmail applications:
1. Bavo uses a WAN IP. If the domain name is public and it can be resolved by all public DNS servers, you can send the email from any SMTP servers and the request will be routed to the fax server and convert into a fax job correctly.
2. bavo uses a LAN IP without port 25 forwarded to the fax server in the router. Your PC and the fax server must be in the same LAN, and you must use the fax server as SMTP server.
3. bavo uses a LAN IP, with port 25 forwarded to the fax server in the router.

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