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What is Super G3 fax?
Super G3 Fax
Super G3 fax is a kind of fax device by several different companies. Just like ordinary fax devices, it procedures data via telephone lines. Further quality characteristics, however, contain high-speed transmissioning rates and mistake correction systems for images to guarantee superior quality and fast data transfers. For perfect results, the Super G3 fax should send information to another G3 fax device. Super G3 fax devices are specifically helpful for fast communication and file access rather to email.
Super G3 fax is an superior technology fax device. Therefore, it is able to send files, letters to other fax devices. Super G3 fax should be related with another Super G3 process device for that quickest, top-quality effects.
The Super G3 fax device is exclusive in its gradient precision and high-speed transfer rates. Mistake correction mode support makes sure that information is transported reliably. A fax data pump has the capacity to adapt to any telephone operating system, ensuring quick data transfer speeds. Image compression is as well supported mainly models.( All traditional resolutions are transmittable.) Super G3 faxserver is entirely separate of other technologies solutions.
Traditional fax devices are not able to distinguishing between various shades of gray. In Super G3 fax devices, an mistake correction function enhances the quality of fax by recognition of 256 shades of gray to overcome this limitation. Edge enhancement functions further recognize between gradients. Furthermore, high-speed data transfer decreases the total data transfer time.

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