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Network Fax Saves Money and Time

A Network fax server can save up to 90% of the labor costs compared with traditional manual faxing, resulting in an immediate and high return on investment. With a traditional fax machine,an user should print the document first, take it to the fax machine, possibly stand in queue, then send the fax and wait for all pages done before return back and continue work. If there is a busy signal at the receiving fax, the operator should spend more time be repeated.
Incoming fax auto routed
Network Fax allows you to setup the fax route to special user (Bavo fax client, share folder, email address)by incoming line, CSID,Virtual Fax Extention, Caller ID.
More efficiency, security and privacy
With Bavo Network Fax Server, user can send faxes directly from their computer, from a Bavo Fax Server client, from any application that can print, or from an email client. What’s more, with a variety options, all incoming faxes can routed to each user’s desktop , increasing both efficiency,security and privacy.
Schedule faxing events at "off-times"
An additional cost-savings benefit of computer based faxing is the ability to schedule faxing events at "off-times" when telephone rates are much lower.
Low faxing expenses
After you install Bavo fax server on your network, even if you send as little faxes per day, your faxing expenses will drop considerably.
network fax

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