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How to receive fax via email
Mobile technology has taken the world by a storm and a lot of devices can already email, call and share files like videos with a network of people. The only mobile device that constantly evades us is the fax machine. Apart from being too big to carry around, they sometimes look funny too. Fortunately though, you can now receive fax through email.
The most efficient way to send and receive faxes by email is fax to email. It allows you to deliver or receive documents conveniently and efficiently without having issues commonly found in standard fax machines. It also makes sure that you enjoy utmost privacy in all documents that you send or receive. This is attributed to the newest technology of encryption. In addition, it allows us to send faxes from a standard fax machine and the recipient can receive the fax through their emails without any noticeable difference at all.
If you want this kind of benefit, you can’t go wrong with Bavo fax server which allows you to receive faxes directly to your inbox so you can retrieve it wherever you are. This fax server will immediately convert the received document into PDF or TIP formatted file then sends it to one or more email addresses you key in. The fax file can be opened, stored, printed, read or forwarded to another user through email.
Generally, how does this type of faxing work?
  • Remote fax initiates the file transfer from the standard fax machine by dialing the fax number of the user.
  • The call will be answered by Bavo fax server instead of another fax machine and the file will be transferred to Bavo
  • As soon as the fax is done transferring, Bavo will automatically convert the document into PDF or TIFF file
  • Bavo will attach the file into an email message which will be sent to provided email addresses
  • The file will reach the inbox of the user directly
  • Once the email is received, the user can then view the file containing the faxed message.

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