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How does print2fax work?
If you want to send fax from your personal computer through Bavo fax server, the easiest would be to use Pint2fax. This can help you send faxes in whatever windows application you run as long as it has internet connection. You only need the Bavo fax server to do all these. The Bavo print to fax is designed to run on several operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and 7. You have to download the printer driver and install it in your system. Once this is done, you can key in your own account and password so you can login and send a fax.
With this print to fax service, it is now very easy to send fax by opening the document you want to send. You can then select the “print to fax” button and provide the fax number of the recipients before you press send. A great thing about this service is you can send the same fax to multiple persons all at the same time and with any format which your computer usually supports.
Understanding the Basics of Print to Fax Service
  • Download the printer driver in your computer and install it in your system
  • Open the fax document you want to send and select “print2fax” printer
  • The Bavo fax server will send the file as a fax
  • The file you send will be received similar to the traditional fax

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