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Gmail Fax

Google offers a free mail program called Gmail. It’s popular because it has features that makes searching for your messages easy.  Gmail is a good email provider but there’s no Gmail fax option to send messages directly from your account. The phone company offers this service which is free and you can send messages directly from your account.
When the first fax machine hit the market it caught on with people and really hasn’t changed much since then with only minor improvements to the system. The Internet changed everything when it started. Now you can get Gmail Fax and receive messages from any location as long as you have an established Internet connection.
The Bavo fax server gives you the opportunity to send faxes with an existing Gmail account to nay fax number you wish. You can send them from home, the office, while traveling or anywhere else you may be. You’ll have access to all the documents you transmit. You can open them from your Smartphone, PC, laptop, and other electronic devices.
gmail fax
Gmail Fax Benefits

Convenience and Ease of Access
It’s easy to send messages with a Gmail account from the Bavo fax server.  The server accepts TIFF and PDF attachments without the need to print documents to fax them when you use the Gmail Fax service. You don’t have to download any software and it’s as simple as sending a regular email.  All you need to do is open Gmail, attach fax files, fill the body with your information, and send out the message.
Friendly on the Environment, Time and Money Saving
The Bravo fax server cuts your cost, in different ways and it’s friendly on the environment since you don’t have as many physical copies of a document. You don’t waste ink, cartridges, and paper.
You only need to print copies of documents you need for your files. The business community likes this method along with consumers since you no longer need a physical fax machine.
Useful Fax Storage
Because faxes arrive in your Gmail fax account, they can be labeled and filed in one organized space. You’ll want a new Gmail account that you can use for our faxing purposes.
Printing What you Need
When you have a fax machine you need to print everything that you get. You end up wasting ink and paper on documents you may only need to read once before discarding. When you use a service like Gmail fax you’re not wasting that ink and paper and you can easily delete a fax once you have read it through.
Faxing on the go
You don’t have to be at your main computer to receive a fax when you use Gmail fax. You can use this system wherever you are. There are mobile features too so you can use an Android, Blackberry or iPhone device and you don’t miss important faxes you need to read. Gmail Fax is a great program to use if you send or receive faxes.

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