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Fax to Email Benefits

The number of Fax2Email and Email2Fax users is growing worldwidely and more and more companies are getting the benefits, simple of use and convenience the Fax to Email fax server offers. From home, small business to big corporate companies everybody is seeing the benefit of sending and receiving their faxes in email accounts.
Bavo fax is determined to be your one-stop source for Fax to email and PC2Fax information to help you get to know the benefits that sending and receiving faxes by email will give you as a personal user, small office / home office, or large business.
fax to email server
  Benefits of Fax to Email Fax Gateway:

Keep your phone/fax number.
Not like other online fax service, you need change to a new fax number for Fax to Email function. Now with Bavo Fax Gateway, you can use your original PSTN fax line and number.
Email Fax Gateway

Fax to Email function allows not stick with the office fax machine or limited to any location. You can now receive send faxes anywhere in the world where you have internet access, making it perfect for home and business.
The Bavo Fax Gateway is completely Designed to meet any company’s needs, big or small. The Bavo Fax Gateway we offer can grow with your needs. Our Email Fax Gateway provides 1-4 port fax server series.
Secure Faxing
You don’t have to worry about an important fax getting lost or ending up in the wrong people anymore. The Fax to Email function links your faxserver number to your email account, ensuring your document gets to where supposed to be. The Fax to Email fax gateway gives you the ability to digitally store fax documents, forward or email received faxes to colleagues or associates securely.
Cost Save and environment friendly
Fax to Email fax gateway is environment friendly and will help you save cost on paper, toner and electricity. Now you can keep your faxes, forward & backup them digitally. Bavo fax gateway helps you reduce the need of Tone, printer cartridges and paper.

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