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Network Fax Server ROI: What you don't know could be a Cash Saver

One of the most productivity-enhancing and cost-effective improvements to those companies that are fax intensive has been the move to computer based faxing by a network. To get jobs done accurately, and quickly is to use a network fax server which is better than a regular fax machine. It doesn't matter if you are medium or small organization because the server can decrease your use of paper products and increase the productivity of your employees.

You need to increase productivity and reduce the pressure on your employees as well as reduce your costs. A bavo Network Fax Server can met these challenges since it automates and integrates document and fax distribution with the business applications you already have. This decreases your risks with regular fax machines, increase employee productivity and helps secure your email communications.
With this fax server you can automate your paper-driven processes and integrate them into your systems and business applications. The Bavo fax server helps you save money and time by modernizing and redefining document distribution at your company.
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All-in-one Faxing Solution for your Network that's Reliable
Bavo fax server offers great network faxing options, such as:
PC faxing via your desktop
Production faxing that's automated
Use faxing from email applications
Use Microsoft Office Application to send faxes
Sending faxes to fax recipients and multiple emails
Character support in multiple languages
User benefits to Save Time
With bavo fax server, faxing is as easy as sending an email. To handle your business critical and sensitive information using a fax is ideal. Work with sales quotes, invoices and manage faxes from their desktops, the web, and business applications. You can manage, send and receive faxes with bavo fax server. You can accelerate your processing time, streamline, accurate communication, and reduce your communication costs. The fax server that are web-based are just as secure, efficient and confidential as the ones you send from your PC desktop.
Exception ROI Value on your Delivery
You save money with the Bavo fax server because you are saving the employees time. It's reliable and conenient to send faxes with the bavo fax server. This is reliable as email and it reduces labor, and time when receiving, sending and managing your faxes.
Windows-based interfaces, address book email and business application is integrated so it reduces the steps people take in fax transactions. Production faxing capability that's automated, means that documents that were sent by employees can delivered by fax without any user intervention.

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