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Easy Installation.
Install Bavo Fax Server is very easy, just plug in the power, fax line, and network cable, and it’ll work. The user-friendly interface allows user to Send and receive faxes via Bavo fax server  easily, the training cost will be reduced;
Email Fax IntegrationFax To Email
Bavo email fax gateway enables you to Receive your faxes directly to your email address. You can read your faxes on your iPhone, Droid, and other mobile device at any time.also Bavo email fax gateway allow you to send email by fax with attachment(PDF, TIFF documents);
Fax Broadcast
Bavo Fax Server enables you to send a fax file to hundreds of fax numbers at one click to submit the fax broadcast task, it saves your time.
Income Fax Auto Routed
All income fax are auto-routed by rule, It can be directly to desktop fax client, email, share folder.
Virtual Fax Extension
Bavo Fax Server allow you to create Virtual Fax Extension for single user or department, with DID integration, faxes will directly send to each user’s email box.
Super G3 High Fax Speed
"Super G3" means that Bavo fax server can send at a higher speed than the normal G3 or earlier fax systems, and Bavo Fax server has better error correction systems etc. To get the best from it it needs to be sending to another SuperG3 fax machine, otherwise it will drop to the speed that both machines can handle.
Fax Over IP (FOIP)
FOIP has proved to be a great way of saving money on voice communications, and which has been replacing the expensive traditional PSTN phone system in many places,Bavo Fax server can use VoIP channels to send faxes. This practice has been known as IP Faxing, or Faxing over IP (FoIP) or simply Internet Faxing. 
Print to fax
Bavo faxserver enables you send fax with any printable docment or application by Bavo virtual fax printer.
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