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How does inbound fax routing work

A key ability for Network fax packages is usually to be in the position to determine the correct person who receiving an incoming fax. Bavo Fax Server can achieve this by following ways.. .
Virtual Extension/DID Routing
Bavo Fax Server provides every user a special Extension number, once you enable the Virtual Extension function, the device operate in following way.
1. The caller dials the fax number and waits before the call is answered.
2. Bavo Fax Server will paly a welcome message. And after that the caller/PBX should go into the extension number.
3. The Bavo Fax Server will recognize the extension number and employ it to recognize the recipient of the fax
Virtual Extension routing is most regularly applied in conjunction with a PBX which supports DID/DTMF conversion. In such a case, you can utilize excess DID lines through the PBX to route the fax to an extension. The PBX will convert the DID tones to DTMF and forward them to Bavo Fax Server after playing welcome message. Most typical PBXs support the conversion from DID to DTMF.
Line routing
Line routing - line routing allows to assign an actual fax line to a user. For instance, if your office had 4 facsimile machines in each department, you could employ those 4 fax lines Bavo Fax Server to route the faxes to every department in accordance with the number on which it was received.
Requirements: Two-Four physical fax lines
Recommended environment: Strongly recommended for environments where routing a fax to a specific department or workgroup is enough.
CSID routing
CSID (Caller Sender Identification) depends on the FAX ID, which each FAX machine/FAX server displays when sending a fax. While it rarely changes, you can use it to recognize the sender as well as the related recipient.
Recommended environment: Only in specific environments where each user faxes to various companies. For instance, if your sales and support people both get connected exactly with the same company, then CSID routing will not be recommended.
CID routing
CID(Caller ID), the sender’s fax number, you can use it to recognize the sender and therefore the related recipient.
Manual routing
When no recipient can be determined for a faxserver, the faxes are routed to a designated mailbox, in which the inbound fax router (a person designated to route faxes) can observe the fax and choose the correct recipient. This mailbox could be the mailbox of a particular user, or it could be an Exchange public folder.

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