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Fax Broadcast

It is the fax broadcast function of Bavo Fax Server that we need to emphasize, which enables you to send one document or more to hundreds of recipients just in few seconds. All it needs is one click of the mouse. Due to its timeliness and reliability, fax broadcast is widely used in business marketing activities, it can help you to send price lists, updated quotation catalogues or latest event notifications to the potential customers in an effective and economical way.


More Effective
Bavo Fax Broadcasting enables you to reach your audience instantly. Send one documents to hundreds of recipients by one click of your mouse. Thus it can bring more immediate results for your company and enhance the possibility of successful business.
Save money on your Advertising
Fax broadcast plays a significant role in connecting the potential customers at a moderate cost, you can reduce the expensive money used for print papers and cartridges to a large extents, and at the same time it helps you to achieve your advertising goal efficiently.
Easy to setup
There is no need to install other special computer equipment or phone lines, just based on the simple software and hardware we provided, you can experience the powerful function of Bavo fax broadcast just in quite a short period.
Automatic retry failed fax
If the faxes are failed to send to the targets, causing by busy line or no answer, the system will re-send the faxes automatically and you can set the re-sent rules according to your preference.
Result report (Statistical report)
Monitoring your fax broadcast account at any time you like, from the aspect of status of successful, failed faxes to the pending or in-progress faxes, which offers sufficient scientific basics for your faxserver management.

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