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FaxServer Email2fax add funtion:check e-mail sender
We just improved the function of web Email2fax,which can support limit e-mail sender from.
You can download the firmware to do upgrade then have a test,any problems please feel from to contact us.
User: testing
Please configure Email2fax web page before testing:
1.Please select 'Only check e-mail sender' or 'Check e-mail sender and sender's account together' in the 'Security' selection.
2.Input some email address(avaliable) to add to the 'White list' and you can add some email address(Invalid) to the 'Black list'.
Fax server would check the e-mail sender address from the received email,if e-mail sender address(Email from) is in the 'white list ' or out of the 'Black list',fax server would go on to submit a fax with this email;Otherwise  this email2fax processing  would be ended.

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