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Why Myfax150s faxserver doesnot work at office but work at home?

My office has purchased myFax 150s faxserver recently. I use it at office and it does not work at all. But I use it at home with residential telephone line, it works normally. My office’s fax line is an ordinary fax line  and connected with a conventional fax machine. Grateful if you can help to solve the above problem. 

1.What’s the serial number and firmware version of this myFAX150s,you can get there info from the web page:Tools>>Server Status.

2.Did you connect the phone line to the Line port of myFAX150s directly? Or both traditional fax machine and myFAX150S are using one line?

If both of them are using one line,please follow below steps then do send&receive test again.
a.Please connect the phone line  to the ’Line’ port of myFAX150S
b.Use another seperate phone line connect to the phone port of myFAX150s and the ’Line’ port of the tranditional fax machine.
c.Set the value ’RingsBeforeAnswer’ of the tranditional fax machine as 4,it should be bigger than myFAX150s(rings before answer:2)

3.myFAX150s doesn’t work at all in office,do you mean it can’t send&receive fax at all?
May you please send us the sent log(you can get it in the web page:Log>>Sent) and one of the commonID log,please refer to the attached picture.


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