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  What is digital fax
  An electronic digital fax is a kind of fax document which is delivered and many times obtained being a digital document instead of a paper document that is printed out with a typical faxing machine. Enterprises and workplaces worldwide have incorporated digital fax as an essential part of their work system. As a matter of fact, the digital fax is an innovative technique of faxing that has ridden at the shoulders of the modern advanced technology revolution. Many groups of people have relied on digital fax as an alternative of the traditional faxing machine when it comes to the application of faxes.
digital fax
Easy Delivery
  During the daily office surroundings, printing out the fax document before delivery is a normal routine, it is not only a waste of paper, but also an exhaustion of human resources. In case you are transferring exactly the same fax to different recipients, the same piece of paper has to be printed out hundreds of times! However, the Bavo digital fax can send the fax to the potential recipients via email or share folder, To a large extent, it can save a lot of time and paper.
Stable and Availability
  Digital faxing gives you the best availability. It can guarantee the state of always on-line for your fax and you do not need to worry about the shortage of paper or toner, which may result in fax sending failure. An Internet interconnection and having access to e-mail is all that you require. The capacity of digital fax is so remarkable that the fax sent to your fax numbers can be easily and rapidly transmitted (no busy lines).
Convenience Back-up
  You can use the net service desk to put an in-depth review of your sent and received faxes. For example, you can find out whether faxes were safely and effectively delivered immediately as well as the total fax list you sent during a certain period, while, it is an impossible task for traditional fax machine.
Security and Confidentiality
  Security is a substantial concern for fax interactivity. The digital fax option means that we can apply a protected connection when utilizing faxes. Excess security options are available such as IP authentication. You can also control the faxserver delivery easily with digital faxing. Top secret faxes is no longer proceed to fax machines in common places because sending and receiving faxes takes place by e-mail.
Paper Cost Savings
  Digital faxing can actually help you to decrease the use of paper, or get rid of the need to use paper totally. Documents out of your computer are sent directly from your computer to the fax machine of the recipient and the digital faxing is just one more way of assisting to cut back again on paper consumption, and help to protect our extra fragile environment around us.

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